Love - woman nude


made by Carina Tropp

Love - female nude

Exhibition - Feminist artists worldwide - September - 2013 - ARTicle Gallery - United Kingdom


Inspiration: Social Media - Advertisement - Me&Myself - Boys - Consumer Society - Mum&Dad

Group Exhibition, Birmingham, United Kingdom


THE FEMAIL PROJECT aims to bring together Feminist artists from around the world to mail or email an image of their work to input to the creation of one large image of contemporary Feminism, on a global scale in an exhibition beginning in Birmingham, UK.


The Article Gallery, Birmingham

Date: 7th - 8th September 2013





"Love - woman nude"


How do we rip stereotypes apart and have a look at who we all are on individual basis? Women should love themselves for exactly who they are. You have been born into a body and mind that you should respect and love and always be proud to be a part of the universe.


Through love we can go dancing and with love for ourselves and others we can be just the way we really are.




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