Barbie and Santa


made by Carina Tropp

Barbie Swinging

Space - Göteborg - 2009


"Barbie and Santa"

Group Exhibition, Space, Göteborg, Sweden


The main focus of the exhibition is the importance of the open space of the city. Walking around naked or wear a bikini in town is not accepted, however you can do that on a beach, in porn, movies, social media and advertisement for example.


The images also reflects upon the stereotypes of women. The nude symbolising that natural woman and the woman dressed as Barbie is symbolising the one that media has given us. As a gift we receive these stereotypes in early age at Christmas and birthdays. Santa is very important when it comes to expectations of the gift and gives it almost a higher rating.


One of the most important focus during this photoshoot was to have fun, be create, laugh a lot and enjoy the reactions of the people walking past. Unfortunately, I did not document these reactions.







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